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We combine strategic leadership and digital agendas to improve your organization’s performance.

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Knowledge Consulting Limited has its foundation among experts who have more than 25 years of experience in creating a convergence of two categories of leaders:

  • ┬áCategory one is from a technology practice and consulting background where the focus is on creating national or organizational competitiveness through the exploitation of ICT. This requires that one must have deep insights into what creates excellence in enterprises.
  • ┬áCategory two is from a management practice and consulting background whose focus is on creating organizational competitiveness from a strategic management and leadership approach. This requires one to understand the opportunities and challenges of megatrends, especially in ICT.

We combine strong academic backgrounds with solid experience as practitioners in both small and major (national and regional) enterprises, which enables us to link theory to practice through personal organisational experience as well as research.

We have lived the African experience, researched the local and regional environments, and practiced nationally and internationally.

We consider inclusion, equity, and environmental consciousness as key elements of solutions and recommendations we submit to our clients

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